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47 With mushroomed popularity of USA in the West Europe by building up NATO , their arch nemesis couldn't digest it . So they came up with Warsaw Pact , in 1955 . To know about NATO , here's my link answer to What is NATO? Warsaw Pact or warPac wa ...read more


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Warsaw Pact Treaty Citation: “Warsaw Pact Treaty,” May 14, 1955, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, American Foreign Policy, 1950-1955: Basic Documents Vol 1, Department of State Publication 6446, General Foreign Policy Series 117 (Washington, DC : Government Printing Office, 19). ...read more


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This book draws upon essays prepared for the NATO-Warsaw Pact conference. In these essays, Us and European specialists discuss developments and vulnerabilities in the blocs. They address four issues: (1) mobilization and reinforcement, (2) developments in front-line states, (3) communications and transportation problems, and (4) difficulties on the flanks. ...read more


NATO-Warsaw Pact. Force mobilization (Technical Report

NATO's main objective was to protect its members and other countries that might seek its help, against Soviet aggression. The USSR reacted to NATO's formation by organizing its Eastern European satellites into a rival military organization called the Warsaw Pact. This map shows the respective zones of NATO countries vs. those of teh Warsaw Pact. ...read more


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NATO ...read more


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11/2/2016 · English: Map of Europe showing NATO (blue) and the Warsaw Pact (red) ca. 1982. Deutsch: Karte von Europa mit NATO (blau) und der Warschauer Pakt (rot), c. 1982 Português: Mapa da Europa com NATO em azul e o Pacto de Varsóvia em vermelho em 1982. ...read more


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6/26/1990 · The Warsaw Pact was signed in Warsaw, Poland, May 14, 1955, to create a military alliance of the Soviet Union and its East European satellites -- Moscow's answer to NATO. ...read more


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Comecon ...read more


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2/2/2020 · The Warsaw Pact was a Cold War-era mutual defense treaty signed on May 14, 1955, by the Eastern European nations of the Soviet Union and seven communist Soviet satellite nations of Albania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and the German Democratic Republic. ...read more


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The idea behind NATO and the Warsaw Pact was simple; if one nation was attacked, the other member nations would provide assistance. The alignment of almost every European nation into either NATO or the Warsaw Pact showed the political division that had taken place in Europe after World War II. ...read more


World War 3 (NATO vs Warsaw Pact) | Alternative History

Wojciech Jaruzelski ...read more


WW3 1983 - NATO vs Warsaw Pact - What would have happened

During the Socialist and the Warsaw Pact era (1947–1989), the entire 200,000 strong Southern Group of Forces was garrisoned in Hungary, complete with artillery, tank regiments, air force and missile troops with nuclear weapons. Stay up to date on result for: Warsaw Pact. ...read more


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1953: NATO vs Warsaw Pact is a strategic game about potential Cold War conflict just after the Stalin’s death. When the cruel tyrant has gone, Soviet warmongers has been finally able to start war with rotten West. With the nuclear power in the hands of both sides there is … ...read more


Warsaw Pact | Summary, History, Countries, Map

NATO and the Warsaw Pact - Home ...read more


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The Warsaw Pact, officially the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, was an organization of Central and Eastern European Communist states. The states were all allies and would fight together if one of them was attacked. While in theory all the countries in the organisation were equals, the smaller countries were controlled by the Soviet Union. ...read more


Assessing the NATO/Warsaw Pact Military Balance

3/30/2020 · The Warsaw Pact was formed in 1955, primarily as a response to the decision by the United States and its western European allies to include a rearmed West Germany in the North Atlantic Treaty ...read more


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Warsaw Pact ends - HISTORY ...read more


Warsaw Pact ends - HISTORY

The Warsaw Pact was essentially just a response to the creation of NATO, it would not exist if Western Germany would not have joined the organization. The Soviet Union felt threatened by this, and thus created the Warsaw Pact. 1995: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization launched the biggest military operation to date; ...read more


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